From the vines to the winery, the same care and attention is paid by our technical teams
at every stage in the process. The pursuit of quality and the most accurate expression
of our terroir are values that have always guided winemaking at Giscours.

A historic, meticulously preserved vineyard

Giscours has an exceptional terroir made up of various plots, the oldest of which were planted in 1923. These deeply-rooted vines have a stability and depth that enable them to produce high-quality grapes. Our four grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot enjoy the perfect conditions in which to express themselves here.

At Giscours, we maintain our oldest plots using interplanting. We select young vines that we then plant among the old ones. All of these personalities live side by side and help to renew the plots that our winegrowers cultivate like miniature gardens, with the greatest of attention and an in-depth knowledge of every single vine in their care.

Sustainable viticulture, striving for agroecology

Throughout the year, we work hard to undertake conservation-based winegrowing. Our aim is to preserve our terroir and the incomparable natural ecosystem of Giscours and its surrounding area. More than half of our vineyards are now cultivated using organic agriculture methods, a proportion that is increasing every year.

At Giscours, soil and vine maintenance is constantly being rethought and improved. To avoid severe water stress, we strive to protect the water reserves in the soil by decreasing vines’ leaf area to reduce evapotranspiration in the plants. We also design our activities to preserve the soil’s organic matter.

All of this daily work brings us closer to our common goal: to protect our land, promote biodiversity, and preserve natural balance.

The land of Giscours
Giscours winery Giscours winery
Giscours winery
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High-precision harvests

We have been performing precise, meticulous intra-plot harvesting for several years. We identify the youngest vines, which we harvest first for their radiant aromas and fruity style. We then make several passes through each plot to harvest the grapes from the oldest vines as soon as they reach full ripeness. These add beautiful density to the wine and ensure hugely refined tannins.

Precise work right through to the winery

In the winery, we work to ensure that the wine being created is the most precise expression of our terroir, and that all of the care and attention paid to the vines continues into the winemaking process. There are two concepts that we consider to be particularly important: radiant aromas and refined tannins.

Once they have been harvested, the grapes are sorted, gently de-stemmed, then sorted once again using optical sorting so that only the highest-quality grapes are used. We perform very respectful pre-fermentation cold maceration to enhance the fruity aromas before the alcoholic fermentation stage. This stage also takes place at low temperatures with gentle extraction, similar to an infusion, and shielded from the air to protect the fruit’s freshness. Then comes malolactic fermentation, performed in the vat.

This winemaking stage is guided by regular tasting that results in the creation of a specific blend, the birth of a vintage with a unique personality!

The wine then gains fullness and density as it matures in French oak barrels. This oak is part of the process of creating the wine, adding elegant, soft tannins and allowing a tiny amount of oxygen through to polish the wine’s structure. Our teams look after it and protect it from oxidation, and ensure that this crucial step goes smoothly. The wine gains complexity, and is bottled once it has achieved the elegance and finesse that we love so much at Giscours.

Giscours wine cellars

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La Table de Giscours
La Table de Giscours
La Table de Giscours
In the dining room of Château Giscours, enjoy a private lunch or dinner....
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
From 60 / pers.
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
From € 60
From 2 to 8 persons maximum
Languages: French, English
Duration of the visit: 1h30

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