Château Giscours has constantly reinvented itself to survive the centuries.
Pierre de Lhomme, Marc Promis, Jean-Pierre Pescatore, Edouard Cruse, Nicolas Tari
and now the Albada Jelgersma family – all ambitious and visionary estate owners
who were passionate about pulling together the estate’s land and giving this vineyard,
named a Third Grand Cru Classé in 1855, a reputation for excellence.


1552 to 1571: Pierre de Lhomme – the founder

This rich draper focused on increasing the size of the vineyard.
He began the process of planting wild land with vines.


1552 Pierre de Lomme

1847 to 1875: Jean-Pierre Pescatore and his heirs – the financial aesthete

This refined connoisseur gave the estate a strong reputation by boosting investment to raise the quality of its wines.


1847 Jean-Pierre Pescator UK

Château Giscours becomes a Third Grand Cru Classé


8 November – La Gironde hot air balloon voyage

Château Giscours: a Grand Cru inaugurates the first class airline!

Pilot: Galley
Leaving from: Orléans station
Arriving at: Gaudreville
Distance: 117 km
Cargo: 60 kg of mail

During the Franco-Prussian war, two Bordeaux merchants named Gambès and Barry enjoyed two bottles of the famous Château Giscours at 2500 metres of altitude, one of which was thrown from the nacelle with a note for the Prussians: ‘Delicious dinner, excellent Château Giscours, and bon appetit!’ Anecdote taken from the La Gironde regional newspaper


Two key events

1875 to 1890: Edouard Cruse – the visionary winegrower
He modernised the entire estate, created an entire park around the chateau, and built a model farm: Suzanne Farm.

Giscours park created by Eugène Buhler
This renowned landscape artist, who trained at the Ecole Royale d’Horticulture in Versailles, created Giscours park which surrounds the chateau.


1875, Edouard Cruse crée la Ferme Suzanne UK
1875, création du Parc Giscours UK

First appearance of a mermaid on a Château Giscours label

This mermaid (‘sirène’ in French), Giscours’s emblem, can now be found on the labels of our top wine Château Giscours. This is what gave our second wine its name: La Sirène de Giscours.

1900, La Sirène de Giscours apparait sur une etiquette UK

1952 to 1995: Nicolas Tari and his heirs – the providential man

He picked Giscours back up after the Second World War and reorganised the estate’s 300 hectares.

1952, Nicolas Tari et ses héritiers UK

Inauguration of the Ford Blanquefort factory at Giscours

Garden party organised with Henry Ford II in attendance. A giant barbecue was built at Suzanne Farm for the occasion. It is still used today.

1973, création du barbecue de Giscours pour Ford UK

First Giscours Haut-Médoc

The Giscours’ family’s third wine, coming from historic Haut-Médoc plots, first appears.


Since 1995: Eric Albada Jelgersma – the tireless perfectionist

This wine lover and art collector restructured the vineyard and renovated the winery buildings. His children Dennis, Derk and Valérie now run Giscours

1995, Eric Albada Jelgersma UK

16 July, a memorable cricket match

Match between the Giscours cricket team and the Royal Household Cricket Club, played at Windsor castle with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in attendance.

2011, match de cricket à Giscours UK

Start of collaboration with the Conservatoire des Races d’Aquitaine.

Bordelais cattle breeds welcomed to the Giscours meadows

2012, arrivée des vaches bordelaises à Giscours UK

The Albada Jelgersma children take over the estate

The Albada Jelgersma children Dennis, Derk and Valérie take over the estate following the death of their father Eric Albada Jelgersma, alongside general manager Alexander van Beek.

2018, les enfants Albada Jelgersma et Alexander van Beek UK

UK Une année d'innovation pour Giscours

A new Rosé x Giscours
Giscours innovates and refreshes itself with this light-coloured Rosé x Giscours. A plot of Cabernet Sauvignon is carefully cultivated all year round specifically for this rosé. Only the first pressing juices are used.

Creation of the Giscours vegetable garden
2019 was also the year when the magnificent vegetable garden was created, planted to supply fresh, seasonal produce to La Table de Giscours.

Arrival of Landes ewes
Around sixty Landes-breed ewes arrive at Giscours as part of our partnership with the Conservatoire des Races d’Aquitaine.


2019, arrivée des brebis landaises à Giscours UK

1-4 July – Grand Prix de Giscours

Hosting the first Grand Prix de Giscours, a national showjumping competition, on the Giscours meadow.

2021, le Jumping de Giscours UK
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