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AJ Domaines encompasses the wine estates owned by the Albada Jelgersma family: Giscours (Bordeaux) and Caiarossa (Tuscany).
Founded by Eric Albada Jelgersma in 1995 and run by Alexander van Beek, the company is independent and is now headed by his three children Dennis, Derk and Valérie Albada Jelgersma.
Their work covers the winegrowing and winemaking business, creating and marketing fine wines, and wine-related activities (hospitality, events).

The story of a family united
in one major passion: wine.

From family meals and business dinners to mass retail, wine has always been a part of the Albada Jelgersma family’s life. But for Eric Albada Jelgersma, a genuine passion gradually developed, and with it a desire to devote himself to it entirely.

After several years of hunting for a rare gem, this finally became a reality in 1995 when he discovered Giscours. Eric Albada then took over the company Société d’Exploitation du Château Giscours, bringing in his methods and boldness from the Netherlands.

The Albada glasses in the park of the Château Giscours The Albada glasses in the park of the Château Giscours
The Albada glasses in the park of the Château Giscours

The adventure
had begun.

Now, wine has its own particular place, alongside art and music but also boats and Italy. The crazy idea grew of finding an estate in that special part of Italy that is the Tuscan coast, that would express the expertise he had acquired in Bordeaux. Eric Albada Jelgersma thus bought Caiarossa in 2004, a small estate applying the principles of biodynamic agriculture located at the heart of the Mediterranean macchia shrubland, on the western slope of a hill overlooking the sea.

His course was set: here, Eric Albada Jelgersma decided to make a wine that was both true to the spirit of its home and close to nature.
Giscours, Caiarossa: what they share is the intuition and vision provided by Eric Albada Jelgersma, in his determination and daring.
Today, at each estate, a huge pair of spectacles inspired by Eric Albada’s characteristic glasses pays tribute to his unique perspective, and gives visitors a particularly remarkable view.

This spirit of adventure is shared by Eric Albada Jelgersma’s children Dennis, Derk and Valérie, who are now its custodians and carriers. To them, the sky is the limit, and there is no shortage of projects!

Château Giscours
Château Giscours

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