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As a real working farm, Giscours is home to more than a hundred animals. At the heart of this approach: eco-pastoralism, short supply channels, protecting biodiversity,
and also a desire to retain the ‘Estancia’ spirit that has always been a part of Giscours’s DNA.

Animals are part of life at Giscours

The meadows at Giscours have some very particular residents, including cows, ewes, goats and chickens. All of the animals living on our land have their own role – they help to maintain the estate and form part of our approach to ensuring short channels and biodiversity protection.

Farming manager  oversee the animals’ well-being and proper nutrition every day. Together with our head chef Benjamin Laurent, he works to provide a high-quality environment for these residents so that they have the best possible living conditions whilst also preserving our terroir.

Biodiversity and species complementarity

You cannot fail to spot them as you stroll through Giscours. Some sixty Landes ewes, together with their lambs, maintain the park and meadows, as the grass grows and the seasons change. You can find them near to the vines, in front of the Château, next to Suzanne Farm.

Bordelais cow breeds have made a home for themselves near to Suzanne farm, not far from the greenhouse tunnel that is home to the little goats that were adopted nearly two years ago. These goats delight visitors and feed on the ungainly vegetation cluttering up the meadows.

As you approach the Giscours Vegetable Garden, you will hear the thirty hens cackling at the top of their voices. They feed on leftovers and provide beautiful fresh eggs for the kitchen and staff.
Continuing your walk around the huge Giscours park behind the Château, you will discover thirty-odd ducks and ten or so geese, housed here to bring the park to life and preserve its biodiversity.

Many lambs are born at Giscours every year Many lambs are born at Giscours every year
Many lambs are born at Giscours every year

Protecting endangered breeds

For several years, we have been working with the Conservatoire des Races d’Aquitaine to combat the disappearance of biological and crop diversity. And so, in 2012, we decided to obtain around ten Bordelais cattle that live in our meadows. Since March 2019, around sixty Landes ewes have also moved in to Giscours.

Giscours has always been an agricultural holding with a working farm, and we are committed to continuing this work that has been ongoing for generations.

Protecting ancient breeds in danger of extinction by providing them with an environment that is adapted to their species and its needs is also something that is very close to our heart.

Eco-pastoralism at the core of our values

At Giscours, we work daily to preserve the environment in both the park and the vineyard, in order to maintain biodiversity for future generations. Developing eco-pastoralism was therefore a natural choice for us.

Eco-pastoralism consists of allowing herds, of cow and sheep in the case of Giscours, to graze in order to maintain the land and also preserve and protect animal breeds. At Giscours, everything is linked: we want to offer landscapes, a terroir, and a high-quality wine!

This method plays a key role in ensuring the balance of Giscours’s natural ecosystem by:
Maintaining 150 hectares of park and meadows surrounding the Château.
Maintaining and enhancing plant and animal biodiversity, helping to boost the wealth of our terroir.
Decreasing impact on the environment: reducing inputs, weedkillers and waste. We therefore prioritise natural fertilisation of the soils, with no pollution.

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La Table de Giscours
La Table de Giscours
La Table de Giscours
In the dining room of Château Giscours, enjoy a private lunch or dinner....
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
From 60 / pers.
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
From € 60
From 2 to 8 persons maximum
Languages: French, English
Duration of the visit: 1h30

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