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ahmed jaayjaa
Winemaker and Giscours Vegetable Garden Manager
Presents the giscours vegetable garden

At Giscours, our lives are in tune with the rhythms of nature, and we seek to prioritise
short supply channels. Planted specifically to supply the kitchen with fresh and seasonal vegetables, fruit, and herbs, the Giscours vegetable garden is our pride and joy.

Products grown and cooked at Giscours

A stone’s throw from Suzanne Farm, the Giscours vegetable garden is a magical place, carefully maintained day after day by Ahmed. He works with Benjamin, our chef, to choose the varieties of fruit and vegetables to grow and put on the menu at La Table de Giscours.

Throughout the year, Benjamin Laurent offers tasty dishes using fresh, seasonal produce, the majority of which comes from Giscours. Heirloom tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, courgettes, verbena, as well as a wide range of fruit and edible flowers: all of these products will soon make their way to the chateau’s kitchens where they will be showcased by Benjamin.

Circular economy and short channels

Everything is gathered up to be used and transformed: from the château kitchen to the employee canteen, as well as animal feed. Developing short transport routes, ensuring local consumption, preserving resources, and limiting environmental impact are all approaches very close to the Albada Jelgersma’s heart and are golden rules at Giscours.

Giscours has always been a genuine working farm. Everything is designed to promote the complementarity of different cultures and agricultural activities.


The-Giscours-vegetable-garden The-Giscours-vegetable-garden
vegetable garden

One of our priorities is to consume seasonal produce coming mostly from Giscours. The vegetable garden is somewhere that perfectly illustrates our desire to bring meaning to what we do on a daily basis. This is the vision that we want to share with our guests at La Table de Giscours.

Benjamin Laurent
Chef de Cuisine in Giscours
Tomato plants in the Giscours vegetable garden
Tomato plants in the Giscours vegetable garden

Fresh produce through the seasons

The Giscours vegetable garden offers the best of itself during the summer months in particular. Little aubergines, juicy tomatoes, aromatic herbs… You have to wait for the right season to gain the best result.
However, we seek to supply the kitchens all year round. In the winter, leeks and squash are the order of the day. Benjamin stands at the stove preparing jars so that Giscours products can be served continuously at our table.

Giscours jams can be enjoyed with breakfast all year round in our guest rooms: pear and vanilla, fig and raisin, kiwi and verbena, or even green tomato.

Visite & dégustation privative
Who participates in the life of the garden?

The men of Giscours are the worthy heirs of this tradition, which is inseparable from the great wines of the Médoc. A young and dynamic team has been able, for several years, to combine this ancestral know-how with the most modern techniques: permanent care given to the vineyard throughout the seasons, hand harvesting which is the object of all the attention, plot selection constantly refined thanks to important investments in the vineyard...


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La Table de Giscours
La Table de Giscours
La Table de Giscours
In the dining room of Château Giscours, enjoy a private lunch or dinner....
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
From 60 / pers.
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
From € 60
From 2 to 8 persons maximum
Languages: French, English
Duration of the visit: 1h30

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