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michaël sanders
Wine Tourism Manager
Presents suzanne farm

Giscours Farm, better known as Suzanne Farm, is truly a place brimming with life on the estate. Receptions, weddings, seminars, harvest dinners – it is a place for get-togethers and extraordinary celebrations.

A farm at Giscours

Located at the heart of the Giscours vineyards, by the entrance to the estate, Suzanne Farm immediately draws the visitor’s eye thanks to its impressive architecture, reminiscent of seaside villas from the Basque coast.

Built in 1877 as a tribute to the wife of owner Edouard Cruse, the farm was used for the estate’s winegrowing activities. It also contained accommodation for the owner, cow herders, carters, labourers and vineyard workers. Considered a model farm, Suzanne Farm played a particular role in helping to preserve the Bordelais breed of cattle.


A spectacular venue amid the Bordeaux vineyards

At Giscours, celebrations and events have always been part of our history. Weddings, corporate events, seminars, birthdays, harvest dinners – Suzanne Farm has been lit up and decorated for generations.

Its inner courtyard with its large 400 m² hall is a magical place for cocktail parties or outdoor lunches. The reception room (432 m²) is perfect for large dinners, presentations or dances. Anything is possible at Giscours!

Private events and parties
The Suzanne farm of Château Giscours The Suzanne farm of Château Giscours
The Suzanne farm of Château Giscours

‘Suzanne Farm is a spectacular building which is part of the Giscours magic. For decades, it has been brimming with welcoming energy: people get married here, celebrate special occasions, the grape pickers eat here every year, and some employees even still live here!’

Marc Verpaalen
Director of Hospitality and Events
Details of Suzanne farm at Château Giscours
Details of Suzanne farm at Château Giscours

The Giscours barbecue

This recently refurbished barbecue dates from the early 1970s and was built for the inauguration of the Ford company transmission implant in Blanquefort.
For this occasion, a garden party was organised at Château Giscours and the giant rotisserie was designed to cook a whole cow! Today, this impressive installation still takes pride of place at Suzanne Farm, and is put back into service for certain private and public events.

Who participates in the life of Suzanne's farm ?
Marjolaine ROCHOY
Marjolaine ROCHOY

The men of Giscours are the worthy heirs of this tradition, which is inseparable from the great wines of the Médoc. A young and dynamic team has been able, for several years, to combine this ancestral know-how with the most modern techniques: permanent care given to the vineyard throughout the seasons, hand harvesting which is the object of all the attention, plot selection constantly refined thanks to important investments in the vineyard...


What experiences would you
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La Table de Giscours
La Table de Giscours
La Table de Giscours
In the dining room of Château Giscours, enjoy a private lunch or dinner....
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
From 60 / pers.
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
From € 60
From 1 to 8 persons maximum
Languages: French, English
Duration of the visit: 1h30

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