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At the heart of the Giscours ecosystem, for centuries the Château has borne witness to how Giscours has made history and evolved over the years. Today, Château Giscours is a place brimming with vibrant life all of its own, hosting wine tastings and gastronomic discoveries.

An impressive gem

Château Giscours astonishes first by its size, then by its spectacular surroundings: a magnificent park, a lush forest, and vineyards covering a hundred hectares.

A magical setting at the heart of Margaux, the heritage of numerous ambitious and visionary owners who put all their strength and power into Giscours.

At the heart
La table de Giscours La table de Giscours
La table de Giscours

Spaces devoted to oenology
and gastronomy

When you enter the main room of the Château, a large fireplace and comfortable armchairs in warm colours invite you to settle down by the fire. The warm, intimate decor was chosen by Mrs Albada Jelgersma. These spaces showcase the Giscours way of life.

A large tasting room with views of the park takes us behind the scenes of a Grand Cru Classé of 1855. As well as being open for private tours, this is also where our teams like to meet to taste our fine wines, organise tastings with professionals, or even taste the vintage of the particular year.

La Table de Giscours is available for private lunches or dinners. Our chef Benjamin Laurent welcomes you to the château’s large dining room to enjoy a wonderful gastronomic experience. La Table de Giscours is refined cuisine, always seasonal, that shines the spotlight on produce from the estate.

La Table de Giscours

A long history dating back to the 14th century.

It all really began in 1552, when Pierre de Lhomme – a rich Bordeaux draper – bought the ‘Guyscoutz’ aristocratic house, established a vast estate around it, and planted the first vines.

The winemaking adventure had begun, and this rich merchant’s successors each in turn made their own contributions.
It was in the 19th century, driven by the Promis, Pescatores and other Cruses, that Giscours gained its most beautiful finery: the Château was transformed into a neoclassical palace, a park was created by the landscape artist Eugène Bühler with numerous rare species, and production equipment was modernised with the construction of immense operational buildings, including the famous Suzanne Farm.

History of Giscours
WHO PARTICIPATES in the life of the Château?
Benjamin LAURENT
Benjamin LAURENT

The men of Giscours are the worthy heirs of this tradition, which is inseparable from the great wines of the Médoc. For several years now, a young and dynamic team has been able to combine this ancestral know-how with the most modern techniques: constant care given to the vines throughout the seasons, hand-picking which is the object of every attention, plot selection which is constantly refined thanks to major investments in the vineyard...


What experiences would you
like to have in Giscours?

La Table de Giscours
La Table de Giscours
La Table de Giscours
In the dining room of Château Giscours, enjoy a private lunch or dinner....
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
From 60 / pers.
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
Private Tour and Wine Tasting at Giscours
From € 60
From 2 to 8 persons maximum
Languages: French, English
Duration of the visit: 1h30

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